Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The start of something good Part 2 !

Ok moving on

Well as the days moved on, me and CC became closer and closer friends. I can truly say that going to work was a becoming a joy, because i would get to see her. (wow I am sounding gay right now) None the less- life was great. As we became closer and closer friends, we just ended up doing all of these things together and for each other. Some examples; Because i was one of the first people at work (early morning swim lessons) I would always have the best pick of the lifeguarding chairs. Normally this is first come first served style of who gets what position. I guess everything started when i made it a point to make sure that CC got her favorite chair every day.

On another note, sometimes when i would in from a break from my lifeguarding duties (ie saving minorities from drowning, returning missing children, and cleaning up bodily fluids ext ext.) I would find little goodies in my lunch box. One day it was cookies, another cheese cake (holyshitmyfavorite!) Also it was HOMEMADE (by her) and of course my favorite findings- blueberries and raspberries. The reason that i cite the berries as being my favorite is because of this little known fact- those are her favorite. the fact that she gave up something that was her favorite- from her own lunch box is freaking amazing.

Needles to say everything was good. The girl that i had always had a soft spot for, who for years wanted nothing more than to see me dead, was now acting like my better half. Of course all of these shenanigans got the eye of my boss. my boss (who is really cool) knew from last year that CC hated me to the point of death. She saw this sudden change in relationship- and brought this to my attention.

Me and my boss have a really good relationship- i go drinking with her, and generally outside of work we are very very good friends. Now when she comes to me and begins to tell me that CC looks like she is treating me more a crush than a friend shocked me. Now don't get me wrong- i would love nothing more than to get into a relationship with this girl. But (as usual for me some things were holding me back)

Just recently my and CC had gone to a movie (The dark night) and when the movie had finished, we found our selves back at my place. Because i live close to a park- i decided that we should go for a midnight swing on the swing sets. So swinging away and looking at the stars, me and CC started to get into some heavy conversation. I will try and write a synopsis of what i remember- because we talked till 230 in the morning, and frankly i just cannot remember every little detail.

CC (talking about her life ext ext- girls talk alot) basically was saying something to the effect of this:

' Ben i hate this place, i cannot wait for my senior year in high school to be over, and then i can go to a college far far away from here. Even with my sister gone (the Michael Phelps in girl form 4.0 perfection child)my parents still find a way worry about her more than me. When my mom isn't talking to her (CC's older sister) she will worry about our new dog. Christ- it feels like she cares for the dog more than me at times.

Whats worse is that my good guy friend (This guy friend is a mutual friend of ours, he runs CC and is in the grade above CC child. Therefore he will be leaving for his freshman year of college shortly. We will call him frank.) Frank did something crazy. Well i had always new that he liked me, but i had hoped that we could just be friends. well today- while we were getting some lunch, he pretty much spilled his heart out. I had to turn him down, but i don't know why. Frank is a great guy, his family is really nice, he is smart and good looking. Idk

Then CC child drops the bomb- "Ben don't ever turn on me."

*Interlude into my brain for a second*

*At his point I am like SHIT FUCK CUNT!!! friend zoned NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. What could I do? What could i say? I had to try and fight back- I am not going to take this sitting down, hell i never take anything sitting down. AHHHHHHHHHH Words were escaping me, i couldn't believe this was happening to me- how could this happen? I had to think of something fast- so i did.*

*End Mind interlude here*

So i said "Don't worry about it- I will always be here for you."

*Interlude into my brain again*

*Ben what did you just say? WHAT YOU JUST FELL FOR THAT??? Christ- i wanted to walk around the rest of the night with a big post-it on my head with the words "Pussy" Etched deep deep into the yellow paper.*

*End Mind Interlude*

So that was that. Minus the few other topics we covered in the night (all fairly deep- basically the "you tell me your stories, ill tell you mine BS) Afterwards i felt numb (and it wasn't because of the cold) Perhaps CC really didn't like me the way i thought. Perhaps all of those flirty encounters were just in my imagination? I couldn't be sure. I couldn't sleep that night because i had something else to dread (beside the fact that the girl of my dreams just chopped my dick and balls off.) I had to go to another pool.

Yep that's right, some stupid higher up in the City thought that the pool staff should flip flop all over the place, so every one can meet everyone. That way you just don't become familiar with your original pool. The next morning was a morning of death. I woke up and cried (because i have to work at a shitty pool, not because of CC. I'm not that gay.), tripped over my dog and stumbled into the shower.

The pool that i had to work all day at- was the pool of my nightmares. Where i normally work, I am top shit. Head life guard, the bosses love me, the co-workers love me- and even the pool rats (people that come every day no matter what the weather, or how sick they are) all enjoy and respect my lifeguard-ness. However today this was all going to change. I was going to a pool where the boss hated me, and made sure the i knew that i was never going to get on her good side- and thusly would have to spend the rest of my life living on her shit side.

As i parked my car and shuffled into the pool- something caught my eye. Because i no longer cared about furthering my relationship with CC- i figured that it was high time i start looking for another summer fling. Low and behold, luck was on my side. These she was, dripping wet, fresh out of the pool from swimming our weekly laps (required by state law) Her one piece clung to her slim figure, and as she slowly raised her hands to her swim cap, she slowly began to peal it off. Not only was she well endowed- but she had two other important features. Blond hair, and blue eyes.

I have no idea why i like Aryans so much- i don't think that they are superior or anything, perhaps it's because i have the same hair and eyes that makes me like them in the opposite sex? Who knows. Anyway back on topic here, her light straw colored hair loosely fell from here head, stopping just above the shoulders. I think that she may have caught me eye raping her- so i looked as non creeper as possible and said 'Hi' (good move Ben)

I had to meet this girl. Even though i have been working at the pools for 3years- i have never seen her before. I had a day of lifeguarding to try and get something started, because i had no idea if i would ever see here again.

***More to come- Im just getting cerebral palsy here from writing all of this stuff**


  1. hahhaah so weird

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  2. awesome story, working at a pool sounds kinda cool if they let you go in :P

  3. saw friend zone a mile away. sorry dude

  4. friend zone dont mean shit.
    bust through it

  5. Cool story bro xD. Just sharing some love :P

  6. sounds to me like she wants to be chased. Don't disappoint her

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