Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The start of Something good?

Well where do i begin? I have about as much luck with women- as i do with going 4hatch pool in ZvT.

My longest relationship was a whopping 2 weeks- and that was back in my junior year of high school (Now a Sophomore at UWOSH) It's not like i have a hard time talking to women, or being social. For that matter i am normally life of the party, and am an extreme extrovert. But i digress.

The single life has always treated me well, i like to live life the way i want. Girls just have always just seemed to slow me down. But then something amazing happened. I met some (girls) two actually that i thought were beyond stellar. The mere thought of either would put a bit of serendipity into my normally dull and gray life.

I met the first of the two while i was at high school. I ran cross country with her (and CC jokes aside) generally had a good time running for fun. However that was all to change in my junior year. Then she came onto the team. A little freshman, that was cute- and seemed nice. In the little sister kind of way (back off pedobear) I thought all was well and decided to finally start talking to this little thing of beauty. I had gotten quite entranced with her T.L.P (Tight Little Package- yes I am an ass man) running up to her one day, i started to talk- we talked. In between labored breaths, i joked and we carried on a conversation as best we could while running. Everything was going good, until the inevitable.

She began dating the Capitan of the CC team. While on varsity myself, i had to deal with both of them on a constant basis- all the while trying very very hard not to show any emotion to her/him. All of this became drastically easier when for no reason, she began to despise any thought of me. I became nothing but a grotesque image to her, and she let me know her true feelings on a daily basis. Right now, the best thing i could do for her- was show up to CC practice in a body bag.

Interestingly enough, i was (at the time) good friends with her older sister. CC girls older sister was a swimming prodigy, and a 4.0 student. (basically perfect0 I had on many occasions asked the older version why her little sister hated me so. I had never gotten a complete answer, and i had thought that over the summer- my burning desire to become closer friends with CC child would be long forgotten.

Now i hold the best of all summer jobs, and beside the fact that i am very likely to get skin cancer from my chosen profession, i really do enjoy it. Lifeguarding is the ultimate job. I sit on my ass, while saving other peoples ass at the same time. Normally at my pool i am king of my castle. The guy life guards want to be me, and all of the girl life guards want to be liked/ asked out by me. (yes i know that i am coming off as an arrogant prick, but it's true- so please just bear with me) Needless to say, i almost decided to kill myself, when low and behold- CC child was working there too.

I can sum up the summer of my senior year like this- ABSOLUTE HELL. CC child made it her mission in life to try and make me hold my head under the water until the bubbles stopped. However, something interesting happened- CC childes older sister (the Michael Phelps in girl form 4.0 student) left for college at the end of the summer. After this happened, CC child became much less charged, and i daresay bearable?

Well- i went off to college, and i had completely forgotten about CC child, her TLP, her Fiery personality (yes i know that this is going to sound weeabo- but i'm serious, she is a clone of Asuka from Eva.) So hopefully i have kind of helped you to understand what type of personality i was dealing with. Needless to say, i had all but forgotten about her- untill the summer of 2008 rolled around.

There i was sitting in the office at my life guarding job, when none other than Asuka walks in. I was expecting an immediate insult/punch/mental raping...... But it never came. For some reason CC child and me had some type of un-easy truce going. While i will admit that last summer was the summer of hell, i will never forget that all the while we were at each others throats- i never stopped loving every minuet of it. However now right in front of me, there she was. CC child. I hadn't seen- much less thought of her in over a year. She looked like the same girl i had left, but different. she had filled out- no doubt about that. Her brown eyes and long brown hair still sparkled in the sun and off the reflections of the dirty pool water. She was edgy, opinionated, smart and always had a chip on her shoulder. However standing before me now, she seemed so much different.

For the first three weeks of the summer, i tried to avoid contact with CC girl for as long as possible. So far, no fights had started, no mean tricks were played- only the passing 'Hi'. However everything changed in a certain week of may. It was the end of the week, and the pool was mostly dead. I was talking over the mega horns to another lifeguard sitting across the pool. For some reason, we began to talk about great food. Of course i brought up the inevitable smore. I was talking about how i make extremely delicious smores, and that i had never had one better than mine. Upon hearing this, CC child started an actual conversation with me. She began to argue with me- that her smore were superior to mine. I wasn't about to take this lying down, because as far as i was concerned; Men have an advantage over women when cooking over an open flame.

So as the day was winding down, and all of the lifeguards (myself included) were slowing walking back to the lifeguard office, CC child walked up to me. She began to continue our argument about who can create the best smores. I was almost speechless- here is a girl that hasn't gone out of her way to see me in over two years, now telling me to wait up- so she can tell me about smores. i was flabbergasted. So on our walk back, and many insults (about ones cooking prowess) aside, i decided to go balls to the wall- and ask her over to my place.

She looked up at me for a second, slightly twisting her head, as her hair brushed past her perfect cheeks. Then she asked me, "Is this a challenge?" to which i responded- of course. Then she did the most incredible thing: SHE SAID SURE. One word. Just one word from her mouth made me feel like the luckiest man alive right there and then. Riding my ego high, i decided to go one step further- I told her to bring her swimming suit along as well. To which she replied 'sure.'

Getting home that Friday was a blur. I don't remember anything, (i may have killed a cat or something) i would have had no idea. I was happy, this Saturday- i would have CC child over at my house, making smores and chilling in my hot tub. I awoke saturday to teach swimming lessons, and the whole day at work flew by. After getting back from work, i quickly shoved down a burrito and showered off all of my sunscreen- before the big event.

8:00 rolled around too quickly- soon there was a knock at my door, and because i had the house to my self, was hoping that the night would just as i had planned. I opened the door, and low and behold- there she was. Pony tail and all- she looked perfect, in nothing but a t shirt and sweat pants. I said hi, and tried to get through all of the pleasantries- before leading her outside to my backyard and conversely the fire pit. I hadn't begun to create the fire yet- which i guess was a good idea, because she was a bit of a pyro. Trying to keep with my bear grills many-ness i created a perfect log cabin type of fire build.

She had other ideas though, and swiftly took apart my log cabin in favor for her favorite: the tepee style. I conceded to her fire making choice, and putting my ego and manly outdoors-ness aside, also brought out the lighter fluid. After we had gotten out all of our pyro tenancies, and childhood burn stories- all was well. We had a crackling fire, that in a short while would make a wonderful smore making showdown arena. Deciding to kill a bit of time (because i was running out of things to say) i decided to present the idea of jumping around on my families trampoline. The T word was music to her ears, and exclaiming the fact that she adores these squeaky play devices quickly ran over with on.

The view on the trampoline was amazing- gravity does amazing things, and watching her runner legs and ass propel her high into the air- was simply amazing. After a short while, we had grown tired, and ended up walking back to the fire pit / smore showdown arena. friendly insults ensued as we both began to place our marshmallows to the flames. I was concentrating on my marshmallow intently, we didn't make a sound. The only thing that i could here was the sweat dripping from my nose onto the ground- and the random cricket. Soon my marshmallow was complete. A nice and golden brown, but hers was more so. I was feeling a bit anxious because at this point i had noticed that she may have created a superior marshmallow. Putting my fears aside- i placed my creation onto a graham cracker and slid in a piece of chocolate. However this was not enough

CC child had to one up- and she did in amazing fashion. She took the chocolate- placed it ever so carefully onto her marshmallow- then proceeded to precariously melt the chocolate on her marshmallow- by holding the contraption over the flame. I was in awe. She was out of my league- there was no way my smore could match hers. I felt worthless, and suddenly very cold. I was in the presence of a master. At this point, she took her chocolate encrusted marshmallow, and swiftly placed it in between to graham crackers- and with a smug look on her face, handed me the smore. I looked in awe at this creation, it was almost as lovely as her eyes in the firelight.

I was snapped back to reality, when grabbing my smore- she said "This is what I get? THIS......THING?" I knew she was right- i was inferior. CC Child took a bite anyway, and through giggling told me that my smore sucked. I was QQ for awhile- until i decided to take a bite of her creation. Scathing comments were bubbling up inside of me, but were soon squelched by the orgasm that was building in my mouth. I couldn't stand it any longer- i shoved what was left of the smore into my face, and conceded that she was indeed the better smore warrior.

After our rousing battle, she did something that only the most manner of people ever do- make more. She would make her perfections and while i was not chewing enthusiastically at her edible mona lisas- began to slide into easy conversation. We talked about college, life, our jobs, the weather, everything. For some reason we just clicked. As we changed and slid into the hot tub, our bellies full of sticky deliciousness- had asked her the question I had been waiting to ask all night.

"Why the change of heart?" I asked why she had hated me so- and that now with her and her wonderful two piece here with me- just me and her. What had changed? She looked at me for a second- and with her wet hair clinging to her face, and the steam of the water wafting past her long beautiful neck, she told me this:

"Well I guess i just grew up. Ben, back in those years- i hated the world. My parents loved my perfect sister more than me, she got more attention, she was a prodigy swimmer, did perfect in school- was popular, i just felt worthless. I was always in her shadow, and there was nothing i could do about it. I always felt that i was trying to compete with her, and i would always lose. I felt like nothing could go right. As you know- i had friends with all of the upper class men, and when they left- I didn't have any friends to call my own. I broke up with my boyfriend over the summer- and the few guy friends that i had left, all turned on me.

The all wanted a romantic relationship with me. I wasn't ready, but they pushed the topic. I couldn't stand any of them. Before i realized it i was alone, no friends. Only boys that wanted to date me.

I sat there stunned. I didn't know what to say- but i guess i said the right thing, because after that night- we became very very close friends.

*The rest of the story will Follow, more coming!*

Also for those of you that think this is made up, no it's not. I just cannot find the time to devote hours and hours to writing this in between going and keeping up with my class work on the week days. Hopefully on the week i will spend more time