Thursday, September 30, 2010

The start of something good Part 3 !

As the day started that day, i tried to have my lifeguard rotation follow hers- or at the very least have our break together. Sadly none of the above happened, and i was stuck looking at her golden hair from afar. I feel bad for everyone that was swimming in my area, because i was far to distracted with her- than to worry about your worthless lives. Luckily no one died.

The whole time i was sitting on my chair, i was trying to think of a plan to hang out with her, without sounding like a creeper. About halfway through the day- i thought of it.

*My house is located by some woods, and is actually quite nice. We also have a fire pit and hottub, and a trampoline (that i had to buy: Parents are cheep)*

So i was thinking about what i can offer people as far as a good time goes, and i thought of the most obvious. SOMRE'S. So now that the easy part was over (thinking of the idea) i now had to find a way to ask her. So once again (drowning children aside) I now had to created a way for me to pitch this idea to her- without sounding like a rapist. So i devised a plan- lie.

Now normally i like to shoot straight from the hip, i don't tell lies, i'm not politicaly correct, i don't beat around the bush. I'm blunt. So lying is not normally part of my game. But today i felt lucky, and like a bad ass (no i have no idea why.) So i started to befriend some of the lifeguards that were on rotation with me.

Luckily they were both girls, and because girls gossip and talk non stop- spreading the word worked better than i had hoped. I basically threw out that i was having a smore/hottub palooza at my place, and suddenly everyone was jumping in line. Now i could care less about everyone that was coming, i only cared for the one that had yet to ask me/me ask her if she would give me the pleasure of her company.

Near the end of the day, me and by a stroke of luck- Blondie and I were the only two stacking chairs. I new that it was now or never, and the thought of entertaining people for the night- with no profit on my end was not very, shall we say- entertaining? So there we were, her hair pulled back in a short pony tail- and me (looking retarded) I said some stupid joke, which got her to giggle, and i guess i took things from there. I don't remember exactly what i had said, but i know for sure that it was something to the effect of "I would surely enjoy your enchanting presence- and besides, I always want the girl to guy ratio in my favor lol lol...... (ya you get it)

So then, she said "give me a sec, i need to make sure i can go." At the end of night duties, she walked up to me and said, and that it would be fine. BUT (she lived on the other side of town from me, so she asked if she could follow me home.) At this point, i new that something was happening- how could i get so lucky? Screw everyone else. Nothing could ruin this day (i would eat those words in 20min) at this point, all was good. VERY GOOD.

We had a long walk to the parking lot, and we exchanged pleasantries, small talk- jokes, and her pretty laughter. Blondie stands to about my chest so she is about 5'4 /5'3. She has a wonderful curvy body, not stick thin- however certainly not chunky. She has pretty blue eyes, and a freaking amazing ass. This is the girl that is walking next to me. However i am not the type to be throw astray with looks alone. I need someone to interest my mind, and my penis. Not one or the other. Both. It is defiantly harder to impress me with mind games, instead of looks. Looks are cheap, minds are deep and exiting.

Walking to the car, i had her jump through a number of hoops (figuratively speaking) I made jokes, and interesting comments- that normally would fly over the heads of your average airhead girls. But Blondie was different. She actually giggled- and to top it off, threw me a quip that i actually had to think about. I new we had a winner. We clicked, and i had only been walking with her for 5 minuets.

Arriving at our cars (which were conveniently parked next to each other) My cell phone began to ring, and little did i know this was the beginning of the end. (or so i thought)I Answered the phone and it was none other than my mother. She needed to have my drop my car off- at some place, that she "didn't know exactly the correct rout to get there- but gave me a general idea."

Great i thought. What could go wrong? With my man instincts i will find this place, and never get lost. After explaining the situation to Blondie- who didn't seem to mind at all, we headed out. Driving to this imaginary place, i was alone in my car with my thoughts to my self. I needed to find this place quickly and get this night back on track. That didn't happen. Long story short, i did get confused as to where my mother would like me to drop the car off, and we ended up driving around downtown for 20 min.

After i had finally dropped my car off, and how blondie was driving me back to my place- i though the night would be over. What kind of girl would put up with the shit i had accidentally just thrown at her? I was expecting a bad mood to say the least- but she started to giggle at me. "You are very funny when your frustrated. You make me laugh/ entertain me." Were the things that came out of her pretty mouth. The ride back to my house, was not nearly as bad as i would have thought. I guess that we both laughed it off, and by the time we had made it back to my place me and blondie had gotten into some more serious discussion.

That was all about to end. Back at my house, about 7 other lifeguards were present. Eagerly awaiting smores and hottub time. Sadly i had to relinquish my new found obsession- and entertain the fools. The night passed by quickly. Smore making was about as elegant as chimps playing violin, and besides a few laughs and some glances, me and blondie really didn't have a chance to continue our intriguing car conversations.

The night was slowly wearing down, and everyone decided to go hot tubing. I was almost looking forward to this part, because i would have thought that Blondie and me would be able to talk a bit more between ourselves. Once again however, the other chumps that were over at my place- did well to keep me busy. the one good side however, was the Blondie decided to sit right next to me. I couldn't keep my eyes off of here. Where normally she was talkative and outspoken to me, she quieted down significantly when we were with the group.

This intrigued me more so than i hope i let on. Near midnight, my Patience was finally rewarded. Everyone had left- or was about to leave. Me and Blondie were the only ones left. She looked at me with here deep blues and said "hey do you mind if i stay awhile longer?" Did she really just ask me this? I almost did a back flip out of the pool. Of course she could stay longer.

Finally after everything had died down, me and Blondie were truly the only ones in the vicinity. We were sitting, eyes to the sky looking at the summer night. It was pretty, I'm not going to lie. The steam rolled around us, and pretty soon she started up some interesting conversation.

"Ben, it feels like i have known you for a long time- you seem like a good friend. I know that this must sound really creepy, but i don't know- it just feels weird like that."

*My Brain Thoughts*

What!!!!! WOOT ben you are the shit- it's gg no re. You have her! She will want your number, and she will want to talk to you more! Mission accomplished.

*End thoughts*

Me: "Surprisingly i get that a lot lol"

Basically that was the main jist of our 15min conversation under the stars. We both decided to get out, and me being the gentleman, handed her her cute towel- and showed her to the door. Waiting for her to change, i thought that the night had gone perfectly. I may have just met the girl of my dreams- possibly someone that could even top CC.

Walking out the bathroom Blondies hair was once again pulled into a cut pony tail- she looked at me and said, i'm almost as bad with directions as you are. Could you show me how to get to the highway? This wasn't much of a problem for me, as i was writing down the directions on a piece of paper- the typical happened. Her phone rang. I was listening to the conversation, and found out that it was her boyfriend.

Friends- that is all we will ever be (but i had to try at least)
end- the end of our short relationship.

So after her quick kiss kiss to her man stud, i somehow steered the conversation topic about him. What i found out is that Blondie has been dating this boy for 4 years.

*Now normally boyfriends don't stop me. I try and get what i want. But i wasn't going to try and kid myself- 4 years is a long time. That is serious.*

Standing in my foyer- i almost wanted to cry. There was this girl, who had come from nowhere- into my life, and was truly amazing. And now i realize that i probably don't have a chance to be with her. As we said good by, she came in for a hug.

NO it wasn't a side hug. WE are talking a full on bear hug here. I was quite surprised and taken back from this. (I would find out later that she sensed this and thought that she had blown it. But that is for a later time)

Needless to say, i stammered out- "Oh a hug" Sometimes i just have to tell you, i have a fucking way with words. We said our goodbyes and that was the end of the night. As i walked up stairs, i could only thing of one thing. How hopeless i am with women.

*More to Come*


  1. Better luck next time pal, I wish you the best

  2. dude that sux hard

  3. Man that suck's hope everything goes better...

  4. That sucks, but don't cry, everything will be ok, there's billions of women in the world! And you'll find the right one!

  5. Great job man! Sounds like you made a connection and planted a seed in her mind if something happens with her boyfriend. Just play it cool, don't give her too much attention and bide your time if you still have interest. If not, there's plenty more where she came from. Trust.

  6. now all you need to do is plant a seed in ah nevermind...