Sunday, October 10, 2010

College girls and more

Lately at UW Oshkosh, i have had an interesting turn of events. I recently decided to try and keep the stress out of my life be just not caring about women. The funny thing is- as soon as i don't care, the women start rolling in. One girl (we will call her Valentine) I met while relaxing at a friends house. Now i had never met Valentine before but i guess that i had really made an impression on her becuase the DAY after i met her, her friends all called me and told me that she really enjoyed me.

They all said that she would really like to get to know me. So i decided that i would try and see where this would go. SO the next day i noticed on my facebook that she had already had friend requested me. So all was good, or so i had thought. Valentine was very very beautiful. She had long curly hair and brown eyes. She was also quite charming.

You see i went out to coffee with her the next week, and had a good time. She came from a well off to do family, and seemed as an all around nice person. I thought that everything was going well. We had the chance to meet up some time and get to know each other a bit more. So after a week or two of us doing the bullshit bullshit and all of that i decide that she thinks that i am not that much of a creep, and ask her out on a date.

So while we are relaxing in my dorm room i pop the question to her. I ask if she would like to go out with me.

* I thought that i had a great date planned out for her. She really enjoys working out and doing sporty stuff. So i thought that bringing her cross country skiing with me and then going to dinner at a nice sushi place. Sounds nice right? well no. It wasn't. Screw me. I can do nothing right. I can't play SC and i defiantly can't make dates*

So moving forward:

So the day comes up and she calls me and tells me that she is very exited in going on our date. I pick her up and then we drive to my place, grab the ski equipment and then head out to go and enjoy the winter wonderland. She hadn't CC skied in awhile and while she did slip and fall, it was overall a god time.

She enjoyed it, and told me that she was having a lot of fun. So still skiing and in the middle of the woods, we stop at a rest station and then i pull out some PP&J. She liked this at well, and enjoyed the food lol. SO after a quick snack we head back out on our skis and start going back to the car.

Now one would think that this would be the start of a good date, or at least the start to something good. The conversation was always easy, never forced and we seemed to get along well.

So after we got back to the car, we drove back to my place and then dropped off the skis. Afterward, while driving back to College, we stop at a really nice sushi place. And me being the nice walk on me mat kind of gentleman that i am, i pay for it and think nothing of it.

Long story short, the end of the night finishes well and i spent the rest of the night in a really really good mood. I had thought that the date went well, and the next day i was defiantly assured of what i thought. Two of her friends call me and begin going batshit insane on me, because they think that i am so cute, we look good together and your so nice balh blah blah. The tell me that she had a very good time, and all of that shit.

So now (With only one week before spring break) Me and her stared to hang out a bit more. She randomly is stopping by my room and cuddles with me, and everything is going well. Except when her friends tell me that she doesn't like me anymore, while at the same time is still ON A DAY TO DAY FUCKING BASIS coming into my room and cuddling with me.


I wasn't thrilled.

So i decided to set things straight and ask her if she would like to go on a second date. She doesn't answer me. I ask her twice in two days, and tells me and i quote "Ohh Ben stop it."

wtf is that.

At this point i have no idea what this bitch wants. All i want to know is what the fuck did i do? Or in this case not do?

Insert long exasperated sigh-

So spring break comes along, and i did get to say good by to her, and during the break i text her- and this is what i get back: (No i am not shitting you, this is exactly what the text said.)

:Who is this?:

me- :Ben?:

That Bitch- .......................................

yep that's right. She doesn't even have the god damn ovaries to text me back. fuck.

So i come back to school, and i am at the gym on monday. WHO DO I SEE? BUT HER!!!!

with another guy- flirting it up, and wearing exactly what she wore when we went to the gym. I have never benched more ever. Incorol i am going to catch and beat your record soon.

So im now out 60-70$ with gas money, and food and that whore is out sweet talking some other guy.

Thank god jill will never me.


thanks for reading, have a good day, and i hope you got rich.


  1. all i can say, is i can't wait for college!

  2. people always want what they can't have.. its why you shouldn't give a shit. If they think you dont give a shit they will want you

  3. yeah what a bitch. I say, stay with the original game plan: disregard females, acquire currency.

  4. You probably didn't do anything wrong. If anything you tried to hard or didn't put "the moves" on her. And, it is college, you'll change partners more frequently than square dancers.

  5. Gas money is a pain. I don't fill up unless it's under 2.65 a gallon.

  6. Eh. Always types like that out there. I feel like my girlfriend was fated to be with me, though...<3 her so damn much. Guess it just depends a little on luck, and a little bit on where you find them.

  7. Thats really interesting. Keep on truckin

  8. just get over her, you'll find a new one

  9. Fucking women are like that. Backstabbing pieces of hate.

  10. You need to read some PUA material, I think you will benefit greatly.

  11. Damn what a dumb bitch, she shoulda just told you she wasn't interested anymore so you wouldn't waste your time.

  12. you did something wrong.

    its hard to say what but you did.

    whatever bro. on to the next one.