Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The start of something good part 8 !

Lets recap!

Date with Blondie:
1st was good (the hottub and smore's always get them)But i throw down the "ohh a hug" line and finds she has a Boyfriend

2nd I was late, and really never occurred (I was late, because of work) Blondie was not excited, in fact she declined to try and salvage the night. So another strike

3rd Kayaking everything went well, and i didn't make any massive screwups

4th Went in for the kill (kiss) and was shot down, really really hard actually. I thought that at this point, me and Blondie were gg no re.

So FAIL to the third degree. That is what was running through my head the entire rest of the week. It was great! Really great! Once again, i somehow attract another member of the opposite sex that i would actually like to be with.

CC: NO DATE. Much sadness T.T

So after the massive fail with Blondie- I had CC to look forward too.

Back at work once again, and it was cloudy- I was trying to think of ways to be continually intoxicated until school started- however being a lifeguard this is rather difficult. So, days went by




And eventually i realize that i am wasting time. I have sitting before me, one of the two most beautiful girls on the planet. Long brown hair, and deep, dark, brown eyes. Just like the eyes, i can't see through her. Her wit, charm- were intoxicating. But there was nothing i could say to her. I don't deserve her. I really don't.

But i tried anyway. I decided to ask her, the day before i left for college. CC? Would you like to go kayaking with me?

her answer? Sure! Sounds fun!


After closing at the pool- and having the next day for just me and CC, I was exited. To say the least!

So the day came.

Perfect sun, perfect weather, perfect everything. As i was placing the kayaks into the radio active shit water, that is loaded with PCBs and all of the yummy stuff- I saw her. My angel. In a sport braw, and running shorts- she had just come from practice. She had her silky hair in a pony tail (my favorite) and had a bit of sweat still clinging to her arms. It was so pretty, with the early morning sun crating little diamonds on her arms, eye brows, and legs. She was amazing- to me.

So my sparkling gorgeous rowing mate beside me, we pushed off.

It was good. We raced, and generally enjoyed going nuts. I can tell you that i really enjoyed watching her tan and sweaty body work. It was good. Really good.

The conversation was just as magical. We talked! FINALLY! way less awkward, when you are the only two people in earshot! The only interruptions were the seagulls and pelicans.

Afterward we went for coffee, and while CC was not as thrilled with picking people apart as i am, had a good time anyway.

So while we were walking back to our cars, i had one last idea up my sleeve. Invite her for dinner. Dinner i would make for her, at my place.

For some reason, she said yes. And somehow made my perfect day so much more so.

I rushed home, and began to go shopping for some good food.

I only had a few hours till she came, and i wanted to cook something good!!

 Anyway where was i? Ohh yes- Cooking and getting supplies ready for me and CC's dinner (at my place) date thingy. So after coming home from that date, my ego was good, and i rushed off to the store to get the needed cooking supplies. Shopping didn't take long, and after a quick rinse in the shower, had about 2 hours till CC came over.

At the moment the house was mine! Parents were away visiting some relative and my sister was sleeping over at a friends house. Perfect right? Or at least i thought so. To pass the time i played a few games of chess, and did a few chess puzzles. After killing an hour, and with only 30min or so to go- i decided to get ready. I prepped the kitchen, greased the pans, and got ready for an enchanting evening with CC.

Well 8:00 Rolled around, and i was expecting her any minuet.

8:05 Fashionably late right?

8:10 She is going to call right?

8:15 No call? No show?

8:20 I txt her.

8:25 (no response, still not here)

8:30 I call her (voicemail)

8:35 I am really getting annoyed

8:40 Fuck it.

So there i was- 8:45, kitchen all ready to go, plates out- candles ready, very HIGH QUALITY FOOD siting before me (which cost my alot) and now i just have me and my dog to keep me company. I was annoyed, actually a better word would be pissed. But i decide hell- make the best of it right? So i crank up so massive techno with the house stereo, and light the grill and make me (and my dog) the best breakfast for dinner meal ever!

I fed my dog the first course, and she ate that in about two seconds- looking up at me, she gave me the "HI!iwantmoreplznow?" look so i obliged. After eating my first course i decided to cook her the second as well.

All was good (not) there i was making dinner for my self, with two candles lit- and two plates at the table. After feeding my dog her course, and cleaning up- i just had me, the table and my peanut better french toast waiting for me. I must have looked pathetic sitting at that table by my self, eating by my self, so the only thing left to do now, was drink by my self.

I had purchased some very good booze for just this kind of situation. Bombay Saffire, Campari, and some tribuno sweet vermouth.

Basically your standard ingredients to create my favorite of all cocktails, the Negroni.

Get a rock glass, fill with ice.

Then take two parts fine gin (ie. Bombay)

One part Campari

and One part sweet vermouth

Stir together, and garnish with a nice chunk of orange.

And there you go! one of my top three favorite drinks!

So basically, after cleaning the plates, deciding that life was pointless- and also deciding to drink myself into the ground, i headed out to the hot tub (naked). Hope my neighbors didn't see my appendage, especially all small and shrunken because of the cold lol. Any way, after a few trips back and forth between the hot tub and my house (had to bring the booze bottles)I was finally able to settle down.

Sitting in my favorite corner of the tub, i cranked the heat, turned off the jets- and just sat. My psyche slowly spiraled down into oblivion as my bottle of Bombay slowly started to drain. I began to think about everything,and spiraled down from there. I believe that this is the point at which my misanthropic attitude came about. Sitting alone, in a not tub getting dangerously intoxicated.

I slowly began to realize a few things while in my drunken stupor.

1. Women can die
2. Women can die
3. What did i do wrong?
4. Why do i have this kind of luck?
5. How come my bottle is empty?
6. Humanity can blow me

Basically that is all i can tell you fine folks of TL- because the next thing i remember is me, walking up lying face down on the kitchen floor, naked- and my dog licking me. Tomorrow i had to go to school, and my splitting headache didn't make matters any better either.

The rest of two days were really uneventful. I was not going to call CC and she didn't seem to worried that she had missed our date, not call or txt back- or for that matter, made any gesture towards me.


  1. Wow that sucks. Great post though man keep it up.

  2. fuk them all u where at work work should come first 80 %of the time she can die

  3. how did you get to write much O.O

  4. found ur blog from the thread, would appreciate a friend or two :<

  5. its always trendy to be fashionably late!

  6. I'm well known for being fashionably late all the time. People don't like that here in America.

  7. Sorry to hear she bailed out. Let us know if she ever calls you and what her excuse was for not showing up.

  8. Great post interesting i need to read the earlier ones I wonder if she'll call you.

  9. sucks to be you. i wonder how you got out of the tub.

  10. dude, women are assholes, just don't think about it too much, just enjoy your life and girls will swarm around you... i am not kidding